Today the whole world consumption is highly increasing and due that waste management needs to catch up. Many of the materials considered as a waste can be recovered and used for recycling or energy recovery instead of landfilling or burning. TB Solutions waste management solutions provides different ways for waste operators to recover many types of valuable materials from the waste stream and sort them efficiently according to the specific needs. We are offering complete systems from contract, idea, project planning and design to installation, testing, spareparts and maintenance.

We are specialized in designing customized, cost effective installations for waste handling and garbage baling.

A typical sort plant can be designed for two or more fractions with a yearly material flow of 30 000 to 400 00 tonnes. We offer each customer an optimum solution – to individual components and the turn key solution. And here one thing is valid: every task needs a specific solution. Every plant is planned individually. Our experienced project managers and engineers will provide full support during the whole planning, production and installation processes.